Night & Day Gameplay | 40 meter Range | Four Team & Weapon Options | Vestless Target Technology

Battle Pack

1v1 Laser tag has never been more fun and accessible. The Battle Pack is ideal for beginners just starting out or veterans looking to add more players to their ranks. Includes everything you need, just add batteries and you're ready to go!

What's Included
2x Blasters (White & Blue)
Carrying case

Price: $54.99 | $44.99

Extreme Pack

We call it "Extreme" for a reason. With this much firepower, you can turn the whole block into a battleground. The possibilities are boundless, and there are virtually unlimited gameplay options. Your game, your rules!

What's Included

4x Blasters (White, Blue, Green & Orange)
Carrying case

Price: $149.99 | $99.99

Capture the Flag

We've taken a classic game and added a next-generation twist. The Result - A new and exciting way to play that sends you on the hunt for your opponent's "flag". This set includes everything you need to get started playing Capture the Flag!

What's Included

2x Blasters (Green & Orange)
Jail Lights
Base Lights
Carrying case

Price: $99.99 | $54.99

Striker Pack

Great for honing in your skills. The Nano bug scurries about to avoid being hit and topples over in dramatic fashion when you land a shot; but don't get too comfortable, as it quickly regains its footing and the chase resumes!

What's Included

1x Blaster (Blue or Pink)
Blue or Pink Robot Bug
Robot Bug Charging Cable
Carrying case

Price: $44.99