Versatile Gameplay | Supports multiple Players | Ideal for parties and large groups


Played by Millions of People, this Card Game goes by many names - Quick Solitaire, Peanuts, Pounce, and more. Nerts is a fast paced, realtime, multiplayer card game involving multiple decks of playing cards. Be prepared for hours of high engery, competitive card playing FUN.

What's Included

6 decks of NERTS playing cards
Scorekeeping notepad

NERTS Consequences

The traditional game of nerts just got flipped upside down. You still play the normal fast paced, realtime, multiplayer Nerts game but at the end of each round, the opponent with the lowest score (for that round) must draw a card from the Nerts Consequences pile.

What's Included

6 Decks of NERTS Playing Cards
50 Unique Consequences


The game of GOLF is a game of memory, risk, and reward. Match and trade out your cards to get the lowest score possible per hole. Games last 9 holes. Each Box Set of our GOLF game comes with FOUR complete 52-card playing card decks; Plus 7 specialty cards for Extra Fun. Games can be played with 2 players or more! The more decks you use, the more players can play. Game size is practically limitless!

What's Included

GOLF Playing Cards