Mystelus Preview
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A world filled to the brim with magic and wonder. Though its existence has mostly been unknown to us, the time has finally come for the secrets of Mystelus to be revealed..

wand and chest

The inhabitants of Mystelus, known as Polywimbles, can harness the magic native to their world. Most recently, it's been used to grant themselves passage between their world and ours using magical devices known as Polychests.

Polywimbles possess a very special artifact - the Wimblewand. These artifacts act as conduits for their magical abilities and, amongst other things, function as a key to their polychests so that they can seamlessly travel between our world and theirs.


Polywimbles can use their magical gifts for all manner of things - from daily chores to great feats of strength. The Wimblewand is a sacred tool that all proven Polywimbles carry with them to help focus their magics. Sometimes its utility is required for defense, and many Polywimbles train in the arts of combat - wielding their Wimblewand with great mastery.

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